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At Repair Now, we believe in forgiveness and we believe power should be held equitably. Mass incarceration has acted as a destructive force for years in the United States. We believe there are better ways to protect public health and safety than cages. We are part of a movement to end mass incarceration and implement alternatives.

We focus on repair. Although nothing will heal the harms of families torn apart and lives lost, we repair what we can. As our brothers, our sisters, our communities, are freed, we do what we can to make them whole. For us, that means helping them keep their past in their past and to protect their power over their future: expungement and voting.


CanIexpunge is an online application that helps people expunge, destroy, or otherwise reduce the negative impacts of criminal records, restore voting rights, and access legal information relating to re-entry, reducing recidivism, and expungement options.

If you are interested in finding out if you can expunge your record, click here.

If you are interested in finding a lawyer who provides expungement or criminal defense services in your area, click here.


Through our CanIvote program, we help people answer the question, "Can I vote, despite having a criminal record?" Most people with criminal records, including most people with felonies, can vote.

If you are interested in finding out more about voter disenfranchisement laws, click here.


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We aren't in this alone. While we work to repair harms, a wide coalition of organizations work to stop the cycle of mass incarceration from continuing. These are some of our allies.